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Are you looking for a cost effective way to ship freight in canada? hussaria trucking services offers less than load (ltl) freight shipping, maximizing the use of our equipment and allowing us to pass along significant cost savings to our customers.

consolidating loads through ltl shipments also allows shippers to significantly reduce their environmental impact.

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What is LTL?

LTL (Less Than Load) shipping is a method of road transportation where various shippers or consignees have consolidated freight heading to the same general area in order to maximize the capacity of the equipment. 

Why should I ship LTL?

By comparison, the cost of transporting freight by LTL is about 50% of the cost of transporting by standard ground parcel, and 33% of your total cost to ship overnight by air. Are you ready to re-evaluate your current shipping needs to see if LTL is right for you?

Will LTL work for mE?

Shipments that are good candidates for LTL service typically weigh between 150 and 20,000 lbs.

For many, shifting the mindset from “when the product needs to be shipped by” to “when the product needs to arrive by” will open up more options with regards to shipping and this extra bit of future planning can allow LTL shipping to be a contender in the regular distribution plan.

One of the biggest benefits of LTL shipping is the availability of regular shipments and scheduling.

LTL has become extremely accessible to small business owners. Having a better understanding of whether your freight constitutes an LTL shipment, as well as the availability of routes and shipping schedules from your providers can vastly reduce transportation costs, making now the perfect time to evaluate how this distribution method can work for you.